Case Study: Meet the CFO’s obligation

A low margin, highly competitive, customer-sensitive company.
• CFO promised delivery of cost savings in double millions.
• The technical team’s saving target posed a severe threat to their internal capacity and capabilities.
• Meet the CFO’s obligation.
• Low hanging fruit savings were already realised.
• Buy-in from the team, which didn’t believe cost savings of this magnitude were desirable or possible.
• Workshop based on the Future Creates the Now strategy with over 100 people to identify the tasks needed to achieve and realise the savings.
Immediate benefits:
•Savings were realised and overachieved in less than six months.
• Internal capacity and capabilities preserved.
• Very proud team.
Long-term benefits:
• Increased credibility of the tech team to get results.
• Increased credibility of the CFO to deliver on his promises.