A typical Future Creates the Now project would start with a 1 – 2 days diagnosis.


Training of in-house mentors to be supportive and constructive.
Sharing and transferring existing in-house knowledge and capabilities with the project team.


Exposing technical managers to critical business imperatives guided by our coaches who are experienced board level executives.
Achieving a fast-tracked injection of senior executive experience to technical management.
Coaching is NOT about managing the project.
It IS about injecting awareness of business insight and customer service challenges, empowering managers in charge of complex, business critical projects.
complemented by Mentoring

Real-time, real-life coaching programme that supports your team as they
Keep the project running


Our advice and consultancy service supports businesses to improve its strategy, and solve operating challenges by offering long term expertise.

The service focusses on:
– supporting change management
– supporting digitalizing your company
– developing your strategy
– improving your service operations
– supporting technological change
– improving your project delivery


Additional benefits of The Future Creates the Now strategy

• Successful, competitive teams with confident managers equipped to take big picture decisions in line with business imperatives and goals for the future.
• Confident, experienced teams empowered to deliver more innovative projects.
• Learning is amplified and stays in the company, owned by the business.
• Reactive, fire-fighting project management culture replaced by proactive, cumulative skills building.
• Increases business competence at all levels of technical teams.
• Cultural change from the inside focused on future business goals.
• Projects completed faster, with consequent benefits and cost savings.
• In-house talent and potential identified, developed, retained.

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